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    Thread: anyone moving out alone to adelaide?

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      anyone moving out alone to adelaide?

      Hi im planning on moving out to adelaide in september/ november time just wondered if anyone else was making the move by themself?


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      cornish Busdriver
      G'day Jessmck.
      I been here alone since november, been out for a few drinks with a few others but mainly go out with the aussies fishings or just down the pub.
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      Hi , i moved out here on my own 17 months ago. Most people i meet think i am mad to come here on my own, but i dont regret it one bit. Look to the future , not the past.
      Good luck, hope to meet you soon.
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      Being on your own can sometimes make it easier, because you will only have yourself to please. You will quickly make friends and contacts, there is a group of singles and couples on here that meet regularly for drinks so to join them would be a good starting point. Plus you would only have tomention on here that you are at a loose end/lonely or whatever and support and offers of coffees/ bbqs will flow in. It is a brave thing to do. My son recently travelled to New York by himself for a holiday as no one was available to go at the time and it was too good an opportunity to miss. He had a great time, he could have just stayed here doing the same things but has now seen a bit more of the world and gained some life experience.
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      Adelaide 1992 to eternity:)and one day you'll wake up and stop counting how long you've been here.


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