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    Thread: Family meet up.

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      Family meet up.

      Hi all,

      New to Poms in Adelaide.

      Myself, the Wife and our 3 great kids are in Adelaide to get our Migration Visa's stamped and are looking to see if any family's or couple would like to meet for a chin wag ect...

      We arrive on Sunday 15th Feb and fly back to UK on Sun 1st March.

      We are staying in West Lakes.

      We will then be staying in UK for a little while longer until my wife finishes University here.

      Hope your all well and loving the Aussi way of life.

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      Hi all we did the same last year as i was pregnant then went back to have baby & sell house took a while but we finally landed 21 oct give us a call when your over (ozzie mobile) 0430447512 take care & safe journey Tess

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      Hi Tess/Jody,

      We are coming back so Michelle can do her Uni course, otherwise it would cost us over $50,000 to do it there, where as here its free and also grants ect.

      I have made a note of your mobile and will call you when we get over jet lag, last year we were all getting up at 4am ready to go out and have fun, that lasted for about 3 days...he he!

      I will also pass on a number you can contact us on, we arrive in 9 days....yippeeee!!!!

      about us: Geoff (me) 35, shell (the wife) 29/30 while we are there (BIRTHDAY PARTY SAT 28th I THINK if you fancy it) nathan 10, jess 5 and holly 2.5

      take care, speak soon.



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