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      south yorkshire meet -sun 8th july @2pm

      hi all,

      i'm in the process of organising a meet on the above date at the hobbyhorse chesterfield.
      post code is S40 2EZ for tomtoms and stuff:D

      hope some of you can make it!!!!


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      dp n dd

      south york meet

      Hi Debbie

      We are from barnsley and would like to join the meet if that's ok.

      Don't do a lot of posting but I'm on the forum everyday keeping up with everything.

      We are on our last stage waiting for the yes or no.

      We have had problems with medical ( not huge ) but definitely annoying
      My son had a bone marrow transplant when he was 18mnths so they want to know absolutely everything (we'll fill you in at the meet)

      We've been keeping our eyes open for a meet near by so thanks for organising it :D

      See you very soon and hope for more people to come

      Jeanette n Paul xx

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      sorry to hear aboout your son and hope he is well now.

      good luck with your app..i am sure it wont be long now...i am sooooo envious we are just starting :(

      looking forward to seeing you all on the 8th



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