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    Thread: A Positive note

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      alan smallman

      A Positive note

      OK. I'm gonna end on a positive note having stressed out all day about 'are we doing the right thing with only six weeks to' etc etc. So, does anyone belong to a cycling club at all and if so, do you have any details you can give me like good ones to join, membership fees, firendliness etc, rides etc. Also, our youngest lad is an 'out of work actor' looking to keep his hand in while he looks for an agent in Aus (any agents out there take a look at his entry in 'Spotlight' under James Smallman) Sorry .........I digress. Does anyone know of any Amateur Dramatic Societs with a good reputation which he could get involved in? He's 19 and doing 'it' since he was about 8 years old. He has a diploma in Performing Arts and is alo looking to continue his education doing a degree in Drama.

      As is said, I thought I'd end on a positive. As for tomorrow, we'll be arranging bamk accounts, putting ads in for his and my car, closing the deal on our new rate mortgage, receiving a final quote from the removal company........need I say more. Off to bed for now. Goodnight (g'day) and god bless.;)


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      Road or Mountain Biking? Bicycle SA organise quite a few rides and events, and Adelaide Mountain Bike Club are another one to look at. Links are:

      For the acting, I am told by a friend with a son who's an actor that the best agents are in Melbourne, but her son has one there and one here so I will ask her for details. For amateur acting groups, it will depend where your son is living - there are a few around, and if he keeps an eye on the papers, they advertise auditions in the Arts section on Saturday. This page has a few links he might like to look at: http://www.stjudesplayers.asn.au/links.htm and he could do some study at TAFE SA if he fancied it : http://www.courses.tafesa.edu.au/xml...le_OCC241.aspx

      Enjoy your last few weeks in the Old Country...

      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Hi, You are in luck,there are tons of cycle clubs here,it really is a big thing,youll find a suitable one easily.ATB Billy.

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      alan smallman

      Thank You Diane

      Thank you Diane for the info. The links you have provided for us will certainly be used. I'm a roadie I'm afraid (haven't got the balance or inclination to go off-road) and I suppose I would be considered a veteran at 48. I intend to enjoy the scenery, improve on my hill climbing, and in joining a club, meet new people and (hopefully) make friends along the way.

      Any info you could supply regarding agents (without putting anyone out or compromising them) would be absolutley appreciated!! We booked the flights today (ooh eck!!). We fly out on 4 April (my stomach has just turned over when I wrote that). But maybe now that everything has come together this side we can relax a little with friends and enjoy our last few weeks as you suggest!! God Bless and many thanks again

      XX Alan (& Pauline)

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      alan smallman
      Thank You Sue for you reply also. There are only two cycle clubs in Boston and to tell the truth, I've had enough of going out in the snow and rain (the last time I went out I did 65 miles and was forced to return because I started to get hypothermia!!). That didn't half ruin my ride that did!!! So thank you - it's good to know there'll be plenty to choose from. Have been reading your posts Sue and remember when you first got there yourself. You seem to have started to settle in judging from your recent stuff on PIA. This site is an absolute fantastic resource, thanks to generous people like yourselves who offer advice and support freely based on their own experiences.

      Thanks Again Sue

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      Hi Alan

      Just wanted to say Hi!

      We are Hayley & Gareth and our 2 yr old daughter Katelyn. We are 2 months behind you and have our flights booked for 3rd June - we are very excited, but also apprehensive and nervous - belly flops seem to be a regular occurance at the moment!!

      Anyway, our road bikes are coming with us, we can wait to get cycling in the hills - we went over for a reccie in November and discovered that it is a fabulous place for cycling.

      Best of luck with your plans

      Hayley Gareth & Katelyn

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      alan smallman
      Hi Hayley, Gareth & Katelyn

      Good luck with your move. If we manage to get an internet package up and running in time (it's one of our priorites given the invaluable resource PIA is) we'll let you know how we get on. Haven't been out for well over 12 months (but bought meself a South Australia Team jersey - see GB Cylces in Croydon - at 25 a throw they're the Kangaroos doo-dahs!!) so I'm looking forward to getting back on the old iron horse. I've just (well October actually) done up an old Rossin frame and added new bits included flat carbon bars - I haven't ridden it yet because it's only gonna be for best. Have an old Trek Alpha frame that I've stripped and will be using for my commuter bike when it's been re-sprayed (at Dave Yates in Coningsby, Lincolnshire). Also have a Canondale CAAD 4 which I have re-jigged with a mountain bike transmission. Was going to do the Etape on this but didn't go for a number of reasons. Pauline has a Trek in pink and Blue (bought her a Lampre Team top at Christmas to match). So you can see how keen we are!!!! Its gonna take a bit of getting used to in a different climate, so going with a club will facilitate meeting new friends and also be a way of discovering new routes in relative safety. We'll let you know how we get on!!

      Where are you coming from and (if you don't mind me asking) what line of work are you in?

      God Bless and thanks for getting in touch.

      Alan & Pauline

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      Hi Alan & Pauline

      We are from North of Manchester, a place called Whitworth just below the pennine's. Great for cycling on the odd day when it doesn't rain, as it is very hilly! We have his and her Cannondale road bikes and have recently invested Mountain bikes and a child seat. I am not too sure about putting a child seat on the road bikes for our daughter, but the mountain bikes are much sturdier! We haven't been out much since Katelyn's arrival (2 1/2 years), but can't wait to get back into it over there.

      Gareth is a plumbing and heating engineer and I am a buyer, currently in IT. Neither of us have jobs to go to, but we are told that plumbers are in demand, so we are hoping that this is still the case when we get there. How about yourself?

      Good to hear from you

      Hayley Gareth & Katelyn

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      alan smallman
      Hi Hayley, Gareth & Katelyn

      I did the 'Phil & friends' challenge from Stannington (I know it's the other side of the Pennines) in Sheffield and and around the Peaks and it was a thoroughly sodden day and one which I am happy to forget. Story of my life - I go on a 65 mile trek around the mountains on a ride called 'Phil & friends' and Phil doesn' show up!!! I had a mate who studied Peace studies at Bradford Uni in the early 80's and in his first week - he was beaten up by his flat mate. Anyway, before I get a complex - we are both nurses. Pauline is a gynae 'scrub' nurse working in Theatres in Boston (at Pilgrim) and I am a Urology (waterworks) nurse at the same hospital (you could say Gareth and I are in a similar line!)

      xx Alan

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      you could say Gareth and I are in a similar line!

      Ha Ha I like it! Good occupations to be going out there with!

      Keep in touch and let us know how you get on

      Take care and best of luck with it all - if you come across any do's and don't in the process, let us know :-)

      Hayley x


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