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Hello, we may be coming your way if my significant other is succesful in a job application come July time (2010) has things improved in any way in Port Augusta. Apparently there is a outdoor swimming pool which looks quite good, do you know of any serious cyclists or runners in the area?
Paul and Tracy
Hi Paul and Tracey
Its still boring! You have to find things to do. We have just come back from swimming, 8 people in there including us 4! Its a nice pool.
People give port augusta a bad reputation but we havnt had or seen any trouble in the time weve been here, theres just nothing going on!! But to be honest port augusta is stuck in a timewarp and they dont like change. Its a good place if your 70+. We are looking at jobs in Adelaide at the moment if that gives you an idea of what the place is like. Good Luck. Hope this helped.