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    Thread: Fishing Get together for everyone.

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      Just called into my local Tackle Shop (Anglers Choice,Beach Road,Christies Beach) for a yarn and to get some of the free recreational fishing booklets for the meeting.

      Arthur the owner and his son ,Scott asked me about the fishing meet..

      Blow me they have decided to jump on board and will be giving loads of fishing goodies to hand out to all on the day.
      Very generous of them.
      I never asked - this is a real community tackle shop,these blokes support newcomers,family fishing and the sport in general.

      Here is their web site............


      I've yet to have a chat with a local fishing personality / Fishing journalist - might be able to twist his arm to come and give a talk/ share advice. He also is very community orientated

      I'm really crossing my fingers for a good weather day now!
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      cornish Busdriver
      I use Anglers Choice as well, These guys give amazing hint, tips and advice.
      Just like Tyke im realy looking forward to this and for a great day.

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      I'd be up for it depending on what day it is. Never fished before, and have'nt got any gear (or idea), but sounds like a good day out of the house.

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      Hi, Chris and I would love to come to the fishing competition! we have our 6 pack at the ready!!
      We are in Brighton, so not too far to come. Im sure chris has a few spare rods too. Wew need something to cheer us up now England out of world cup!

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi Shaun.
      I ve got a spare set up you can borrow for the day.
      Come on down and have some fun.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Just thought i would put the date and time details on here as well.

      Looks like the date for the fishing comp will be on Saturday 24th July 2010. (weather permitting)
      Location - Moana Beach.
      Start Time - 9am or around then (low tide) and fish it up to high tide.

      __________________________________________________ ________________

      For anyone who doest know, Moana beach is a all year round dog beach so please do not leave any tackle lying around and keep bait covered plus you can also park your 4X4 on it as well.

      If you need to borrow tackle please put a shout out as there is a people willin to lend gear for the day.

      All the beer
      $30 fishing voucher from Auseelife. http://www.auseelife.com.au
      Fishing rod and reel.
      Plus others small prizes as well.

      And last of all please remember its just for fun and a meet-up.
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      cornish Busdriver
      Just trying to get an idea on number for the fishing get together.
      Could people PM me or email me at kernowmatt@gmail.com .
      Just trying to figure out how much bait to book if people want me to get it and how many traces will be needed if people want them and trying to figure out how many extra rods and reels will be needed as well Plus Anglers Choice on beach road would like an idea of numbers as well as there giving away a lot of extra little prizes.

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      Me for sure, Maybe the Mrs............. the kids will come down but dnt think they will be avin a fish just play with other kids me thinks.

      Have got some bait mate....willing to share got some Squid, Pillies, Cockles, Whitebait...

      Cooler will borrow one of my rods for the day...


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      we would like to come down for a spot of fishing, can kids fish in the comp too? If they can then you can count 2 more in

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      No worries,
      I'll bring some assorted baits.
      Cockles,squid and a few Whiting and Snook heads if we are going large?.
      Hoping to nab some more bait on Friday :)

      If anyone wants to fetch their own bait ,bring cockles - half kilo should do.The imported ones are OK and last longer on the hook.

      Matt - I'll make some rigs up.

      What size hooks for the beach??

      Paternoster or running rings??
      What weight?


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