I fish Moana, Christies and O'sullies alot.
Find best to fish from the bottom of the low to 2hrs past high.
Casting withing 50 meters i only use a size 2 long shank hook on a 2 boom rig with Goolwa Cockles.
Past that upto 100 meters out i use size 4 long shank hooks on a bass rig with a mix of cockle and pillie.
Past 100 meters i use a size 4 or 5 long shank hook on a clipdown rig with a whole pillie tied on with elastic.
Day time fishing is always good fun in close if the wind is right and the surf is up a bit always get lots of small stuff on cockles.
Night fishing i only use the big rod as ive been snapped off to many times by either rays or small sharks. Never actually landed a ray but seen it flapping round in the surf. I have landed a few small sharks though off the beach.