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    Thread: Fishing Club

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      cornish Busdriver

      Fishing Club

      Right guys and gals.
      Been having a long think about this and got a few quotes for club insurance $1400.00 per year.
      That would roughly work out around $28 per member if we could get 50 members interested but if we wanted some extra cash for prises then we would be looking at around $50 per member per year.
      Too me that seems a bit steep even if there is 50 members so i think the club idea is out of the window or at least on the back burner for the moment and also i cant and i dont know anyone else who could dedicate the time to run this club.

      So one idea i have is that if people want to get little fishing groups together and hold personal little comps between you for a few beers or anytime anyone goes fishing and would like some company to put a shout out on here or just let people know when and where you will be fishing so they can come down and join you if they want, thats what i do.

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      Yep, you are right Matt.

      The reason for a fishing club was to get the insurance cover for the organisers and those participating.
      It's not a case of "It will never happen to me"

      So in the "Too Hard" basket it is chucked.

      Still always opportunity for small and impromptu meets like you do.

      Thanks for spending time on it Mat



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