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      where are they

      With the sudden cold snap, where are the fish at the moment?

      The tiser says you may catch some good stuff off the northern jetties and beaches, is this right?

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      Other than not being able to get out as much the cooler, windy weather hasn't really affected the fishing as far as i can see. Ive seen the usual squid, tommies and gar from brighton and grange jetties as well as a few crab. At glenelg tyre reef today there were plenty of whiting, in patches but there if you persist, loads of snapper (no keepers but thats normal), a 15kg hammerhead (a bit further out) and red mullet. Theres also loads of crab. Not sure what the 'tiser says I don't usually read the fishing reports, im sure they just make them up. The fishing seems fine to me and I quite like this weather so all good.


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