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      Where is the best spot?

      Hi fellow forumites!!

      Our furniture finally arrived and all hubby's fishing gear is here! We stay in Ingle Farm and want to know where would be the best place to do surf fishing? Really looking forward to "testing" the water and need some advice please?
      Do we need fishing lisences etc? And if so, where do we get them?

      Thanks so much!


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      Probeer n plek waar daar water is.......... :-)

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      Take your pick of any beach/jetty at the moment. Not much happening at the moment.
      The southern beaches from Christies south are producing infrequent Salmon.The rougher the weather,the more Salmon.
      North and the city seems to be very poor from the shore,just a few Mullet and the rare salmon.

      Shark fishing slows down but perhaps a bit of this warmer stuff may help.

      You do not need a licence here but you do need to strictly observe the size and catch limits.

      Good idea to call into your local tackle store and ask how things are out there - and also ask for the size and limit leaflet provided free by Fisheries.

      If unsure - don't do it,there are Fisheries officers out there (which I think is a good thing.)

      The basic rules are online here...........


      A good local fishing forum here............


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      Thanks so much everyone - going to pass all this info onto hubby :-)
      Hhehe Squareman - I would hope that we will actually get to "wet" our lines :D



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