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    Thread: Marino rocks adventure

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      Marino rocks adventure

      Went fishing with the family the other week (between high and low tide) and climbed on the rocks, the furthest out roscksa were too far away as the tide was in (i think) and we couldn't corss the deep water, we fished in the shalows and although we cuaght something (a few tiny bait fish), we just put them back. The kids were happy, but i couldn't get any where near the deep water to fish for squid. Is this normal for this area or should i have gone when the tide was low? Any hints much appreciated as the kids loved the trock pools etc, would like to go again sometime.

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      I would normally fish 2 hours either side of a high tide and one thing you don't need is deep water, there's a lot of areas in SA that are only 1-2m at high tide but you'll still catch Whiting, Mullet, Bream, Flathead and Squid.
      The best thing you can do is find your local tackle shop, go in ask what bait or rigs to use and buy something, then you'll find that they might just put you on to some nice local spots with the right gear and bait.

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