Dunno if anyone is free but I'm taking the boat out on this Wednesday 17/12/14 and have room.

It's the opening of the Snapper fishing season and I'm keen to get out there!

I quite enjoy teaching the basic boat and fishing stuff.

Launching from O'Sullivan's Beach Boat ramp 8.30am.

Pulling back in around 4.00pm.

If the sea as as good as forecast it will be a trip waaaaay south for Round #2 on the spot where we lost a huge Snapper to a Shark the other week (see previous post).

If lumpy sea fishing around 7 k's out.

It is looking not too bad but I reckon if anyone is scared of seasickness I will say there could be some rolling swell.

If ya get sea sick ....................... tough, we stop out until finished fishing.

Bring as much food and water - but no Banana's - considered bad luck and a mate on my boat proved it once.

I'm not a charter but the Aussie way is to chip in for fuel / bait and launch fee costs - it also means those who chip in get to go on more trips.

Never guarantee to catch fish but always split up evenly what we do.

I have all the rods / tackle for this type of fishing.

No children as I don't have the smaller life jackets.

Please PM me.

If you say you are coming - do!

Do not just turn up!!!