I know there are a few of us learning to fish here in theses waters so the odd tip /warning might not go amiss.

I certainly learnt something the other day.

You may well start pulling in Cuttlefish instead of Squid on the jags now,they are more frequent in Autumn and Winter.

Be VERY careful how you handle Cuttlefish,they have a huge and very sharp, parrot- like beak - and not scared to use it!
We had pulled one in the other day - told my old fishing buddy,who then showed my how to chop the Cuttlefish up.
He gave me dire warning about then,saying the bigger Cuttlefish can take your finger end clean off with their beaks
They can also reach backwards,grab hold with a vice -like grip and not let go until dead.

Have a landing net or bucket ready to put it in.
Another thing to watch is the amount of ink they carry - I thought Squid had a lot - this Cuttlefish had nearly 10x the amount - fortunately not sprayed over us or the boat.

The plus side of Cuttlefish is that they make great Whiting bait after a bit of butchery /skinning :)

Here is the beak on my hand................