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    Thread: Buying and selling cars - Is it doable here?

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      Haha that's a great thread in the link above. My favourite reply is
      'will get even worse with end of baby bonus.. less bogans updating the VN for VT...'

      I know of a few dealers that have disappeared in the 2 years we've been here but most remain.
      The car trade is the same everywhere - if you have something desirable at the right price, it will sell. Otherwise you will need a good salesperson.
      I don't think anyone can tell you the general state of the trade, in my experience even the dealers will exaggerate or play down how busy they are depending on who they are talking to.
      Best of luck with your venture.
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      Quote Originally Posted by steven View Post
      Thanks for that!
      I'm more keen on how the market is at the moment..hope there's someone out there who can shed a light.
      Any other info is welcome ofcourse...

      Thanks Steven
      Hi Steven
      I have worked in car sales at a dealership for 4 years and the trade has always been steady with about 45 sales per month and plenty of profit in each sale too.I have often thought about opening my own small car yard but it's finding the right spot of land that's the problem!
      Cheers Sharon
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      Sharon(43) & Mick(48)with our 2 Aussi rescue cats.

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      Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for that reply, gives me somehowe a bit more confidence coming over..
      45 sales a month is pretty good!
      How many cars where there in stock?
      What brand did you work for?
      What did they do with the trade ins?
      I've got so many questions..my mind is sometimes working overhours!

      If you prefer you can send by PM

      Thanks in advance..Steven
      18-05-2011 VISA GRANT!
      Moving to Adelaide....SOON!!


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