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    Thread: The Good Guys and Appliancesonline.com.au

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      The Good Guys and Appliancesonline.com.au

      Just researching where to buy your household fundamentals - Stumbled across these two and wondered if anyone had any opinions. The buy in cash thigy looks good at The Good Guys, but can anyone tell me what kinds of discounts you are likely to get on say, an item of a grand in price, and also if you buy a whole load of stuff are the discounts much much better?



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      its the only way, if you don't ask you won't get. Do a little research and you should know if your getting a good price or not.
      Good guys had a sale last month, the place in pooraka looked like it was being looted there was that much gear going out of the doors.

      Look at least 10% on a grand, it's better when its quiet.
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      Don't expect a certain amount...it depends very much on how outrageous you want to be with asking and how much they have of that item.

      We have used Harvey Norman, Radio rentals and Good buys for our electrics and from now on, I'll be using Good Guys all the way.
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      Fancy a Beer
      I think the Good Guys is the worst shop in Adelaide, esp the one in Pooraka! We went to buy a Fridge, Washing Machine, Hoover and it ended with two sales assistants nearly having a full on fight over who was serving us and what price to sell it to us for!! The manager had to come and seperate them, it was awful!!

      To be honest its best to look around there are soo many deals to be had and as mentioned before if you dont ask you dont get here, but stay well clear of Good Guys!!
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      Ooh I disagree!! We had brill service in Good Guys in Noarlunga - great bargains, really helpful and knowledgable salesman, and they beat Harvey Norman price wise every time. I will go straight there next time! :)
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      Rob and Clare
      I think if your buying a big ticket item, shop around, there's nothing wrong with the good guys, although the one at pooraka looks like it's a car boot sale at times, but more often than not the others will beat them, especially during quieter months, july is great for haggling. If your spending a grand or more on one item then it's worth the shoe leather, and places like the gepps cross homemaker can only make it easier, as eventually all the major retailers will be there. Even if you don't like haggling just ask the question, "what's your best price", then when they give it you, go to the next store and ask them to beat it.

      We got our TV from Myer, they beat the best offer from the good guys by $200, and we got free delivery plus $50 back from myer one points. Shop around is key, no one store is consistantly the cheapest.
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      The Good Guys always discount on their advertised prices. You don't need cash either, they'll discount on credit card purchases.

      I bought a digital radio last week from them. It was $250, they sold me it for $200.

      Also bought an small oil radiator, advertised for $39, they sold me it for $30.
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      Hi Rich,
      if you are looking for appliances then check out SA Appliance Warehouse. The guy is Italian and loves making deals... my partner got a dishwasher, sink, oven, stove top and range hood for under $2400. He loves selling package deals.

      I've shopped at the Good Guys before and they are generally good. You can haggle a bit with them which is good... at least you feel like your getting a bargin. I bought my washing machine from them $450, but was Advertised at Harvey Norman (electrical and appliances) for $750 so was a really good deal. SA Water/Government also give you $200 back depending on the machines water usuage.

      I've also had a bit of luck shopping at Radio Rentals, which is a good option as you can rent to own if you don't have the cash straight away. I also love Ikea, which is 10min from the City and right next to the Adelaide Airport.

      Hope this gives you some idea.

      Good Luck,
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