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    Thread: Crime same as UK or not

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      arh thanks everyone for your replies. I really appreciate it.

      Just looking forward to arriving there, and starting a new life.

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      When we first arrived we were advised by a local:
      ' You may be murdered in adelaide but if you are you can rest assured it'll be in a really bizarre way'
      Well, we're still here!
      Road deaths are far more common than in the UK - not sure about how other stats compare.

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      I agree with the last post. I think the British media have a lot to answer for. Then again, so does the British public because if they didn't buy the newspapers that promote that sort of thing, then those newspapers would quickly change (and start publishing real, objective news) or go out of publication.

      Thankfully the newspaper in Adelaide (there's only one really but that's ok by me) is far more objective and usually tends to put a fairly positive spin on things where possible, with the aim of making you proud to live here. Of course, they do report the genuinely bad news too!

      That being said, there is some crime in Adelaide of course like everywhere, and there's even a couple of problematic youth gangs in certain parts. However I have to admit (reluctantly as a proud pom) that I feel a lot safer overall in Adelaide than in Britain. Maybe that's partly because of the more positive media, but I think it's also partly because there actually is less crime generally speaking.


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