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      Talking Social life in Adelaide

      I am at the first stages of looking to move via an agent, with going on the interent have been looking at Adelaide due to house prices and work. As it seems that you have a much better life style.
      I have been looking at the social life and it seems that Adelaide is big in the Arts side, which is not my favorite thing in the world, a bit responsible for me. What's the night life like in the pubs and clubs. With saying that I am not the sort that will be out all the time, a bit old now but still like to go out and have a laugh.
      Just don't want to get into the work life and enjoy the extra benefits of moving area from this place.
      I know plenty of people who have been down under but not to Adelaide so going on what google says. Any help

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      there are lots of pubs, and a few clubs in the city....but nothing like london ive been told!:(

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      thanks for that, not the biggest fan of london pub life so hopefully it will be ok, lucky you leaving next month. Hope you enjoy it.

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      There is a great social life in Adelaide, however the one thing that my OH gets told by his customers is that they do miss a good old pub! Most people tend to turn the back of their garden into a drinking room and invite people over. There are a lot of pokies and hotels around although less when you get into the suburbs. In the year that I've been here have only found one that is really similar to a pub as we know it (albeit Irish pub) called Moore's Brecknock Hotel in King William Street in the city. There are probably a few more around which we haven't found yet which maybe someone else could post?
      Good luck with everything. Hope all goes well

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      Hi All,

      We go to Glenelg for a nice old fashioned Pub crawl. It seems about the best place we have found and the pubs etc are quite good here...We start at Holdfast Shores and work our way to Jetty Road. A good night is had by all....but then the company you are in helps aswell!!
      Definately not the same as England for pubs though ....but then we didnt come here to find what we left behind. Onwards and upwards.

      Live is for living.........Enjoy! Traci.

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      Hi, suggest you check out the weekly Advertiser on Thursdays (I think) tells you what bands , music style etc will be on all week in what pubs. Theres a rock festival called the Big Day Out in Feb each year, its fantastic.
      Also the yearly Fringe Festival which is more fun & less arty-farty than the posh arts festival.
      Lots of us tend to just visit each other at weekends with a carton and music gear, cheaper (& louder sometimes). A lot of socialising is done at beaches, rivers & parks.
      My OH is playing at Mannum in one of the bands supporting the bicycle international Tour Down Under (err, think its January 08 )which is always good fun.


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