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    Thread: Visiting Snake!!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
      I can save and send em' around to yours if ya want!!
      No ta...as I'm Irish I leave it up to St Patrick to get rid of the snakes

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      Welcome to Tykes Zoo ;)

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      Right I've not really researched the snakes element of Adelaide, trying too much to ignore the Huntsman which is my main concern. I am not really worried about snakes but with 3 kids i am concrned about the idea of them now I know the Brown snake is there. How often on average are snakes seen and are all snakes there dangeous? Which ones are the ones to look out for?

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      To date - I've only ever seen 1 flat one on the road. We've recently moved to our new build a stones throw from a creek, so expect to have my first encounter shortly. They're not everywhere, but if you go looking, I guess you will find them ;)
      As with all things, long as you apply some rationale / sense (don't go fishing about in rocks or under metal sheeting for instance), any snakes will be long gone by the time you get near them.
      There are dangerous snakes here (any google search of australia and snakes will show you that), the most common (and probably most dangerous) in the aldeaide area being the brown snake. I haven't got the stats, but as with deaths from shark attacks and the like, you're far more likely to be killed crossing the road :)
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