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    Thread: Australias Deadlist Animals

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      The Australian Gurch Pig is a nasty little critter, Steer well clear of that one

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      We have heaps of redbacks in our garden - We have had them in the house a couple of times (one made a web in my sandal - that was a bit scary!) but we leave them alone and so far (touch wood) they have left us alone. We don't have kids though so we don't have that aspect to worry about.

      We had a huge huntsman on the outside of our car windscreen once. It disappeared and neither of us would get out of the car for fear of attack.... eventually we had to make a break for it. We found it a few days later squashed in the door.

      Found a 5cm long dead cockroach in the remains of yesterday's coffee when I got to work this morning. That will teach me to do the washing up before I go home....

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      Gemma and Sebastian
      If it moves Spray it! LOL


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