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    Thread: Surf n Sharks advice needed

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      Thanks everyone again for your advice. Given me loads of things to research - which is keeping me busy and out of mischief.

      So Middleton looks as if its quite far out of anywhere, but I can see on google earth all the surf breaks. I am guessing though that whilst OH would be having the time of his life out there dodging the sharks, I would probably be taking a 2 hour commute to work, so would probably need to compromise on living location - but he could always head there on weekends.

      OH is out surfing at the mo but will be giving him all your suggested websites to check out when he gets in. He uses magicseaweed.com to check the reports here. He has only been surfing about 3 years but he is out there every opportunity he gets.

      Thanks again everybody.

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      The south coast (Victor Harbor to Goolwa) has good surf but the water there is quite cold, especially in the winter. There are some fantastic surf beaches on the Eyre Peninsular but very little in the way of towns and work, apart from Port Lincoln, which is of course the great white shark capital. The water there is also fairly cold, I remember going body boarding on an amazing beach there just after Christmas a few years back and the water was icy cold (and crystal clear), quite a few people had wet suits on. There's no land between there and Antarctica. Adelaide waters are a bit warmer as they are in a protected gulf.

      If you want good surf and warm water then go to the Gold Coast.
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      'Waities' is classed as the best by the surfer dude lads i work with.
      We're in Moana/Seaford, takes us 45 minutes to get to Middleton - we go down to see the whales at Basham beach in the winter.
      For a quick surf fix southport is pretty rough and the 'crap' doggy walking end of Seaford beach is rated too.

      The shark log doesnt mention our local 'fin' at Moana who hangs out every summer and likes to pop in between the life savers flags - to make sure he's safe in the water of course :D he comes in really bloody close and usually just after i've been for a swim!
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      Love this thread, cheers LaurenG. I too am a keen surfer (although living in the Midlands tends to put a dampner on it!). Never heard of the electric tags before, my 12yr old daughter is really getting into surfing so this has really put my mind at ease.

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      Quote Originally Posted by snivag View Post
      Fisheries | Shark Sighting Log

      Don't look you'll never go in again.


      Link to electronic repellant - after checking out the top link I am definitely getting one of these!!
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      $755 and not guaranteed

      Still rather have one than not though


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