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    Thread: Last minute questions!

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      Last minute questions!

      Ok, so I have spent the last week following up all of your ideas to do when we arrive next week to validate with 2 teenagers! (I now have a plotted map by my computer lol!)
      Thank you for all of your ideas! Have sorted out loads but:
      Last few questions!
      1)Dolphins: Glenelg or Port Adelaide (Don't do kyaks)
      2) Angler's choice for fishing tackle for the holiday or anywhere nearer Glenelg (Have looked into boat hire but have no SAS Oz licence)
      3)Places to fish from apart from P.Noalunga and Moans Drive Beach (we are pretty bad so need a few options!)(only fished Conwy, )
      Oh and most important to me! Where can I spend some time with Koalas? !!!:D
      If you can answer any in the next few days I would be grateful, we leave Wednesday!
      Sorry about any spellings! I can not find spell check!
      Thanks again,
      Liz x

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      If you want to touch the Koalas (rather than squint up high in trees to see them just sitting around - also a lovely thing to do) go to Cleland Wildlife Park. Get time to touch them with a handler, and also you can get fairly close to the house where they all live in the meantime.

      For a nice walk and probably spotting Koalas up trees, Morialta Reserve is great.
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      The Gorge wildlife park is great, at Cudlee Creek, they have 3 koala times not very long queues. The drive up there is wonderful too.
      Glenelg is great for teenagers, also dare I say it! Marion shopping centre, if they have some spending money they can be there all day, and you can go somewhere else!
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      The fishing is a bit patchy from land I'm afraid,try any of the jetties.Great just to soak in the people and area,jetties are busy places here.
      The blokes at Angler's Choice will help out as much as possible:D

      You could take a charter boat - but it's around $250 each and you cannot depend on the weather so may be cancelled.

      For Koalas - The Gorge Wildlife Park at Cudlee Creek ( great name!) - free to be with and handle Koalas and take as many pics as you like;)
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      1) For the dolphins it is definately Port Adelaide, there is a 2 hour cruise for $6 per person where you are guaranteed to see plenty of dolphins and marine wildlife or you get your money back!

      2) There is a nice fishing tackle shop in Port Noarlunga

      3) Onlaparinga river is good for bank fishing, also as Tyke says, head to the end of any jetty. Brighton jetty is nice but busy.

      4) For the koalas Cudlee Creek is a great place to go about 45mins drive from the city, $18to get in but the chance to cuddle the koalas costs nothing rather than the $30 you have to pay at Clelland plus their entrance fee.
      If you want to see the koalas in their natural habitat along with kangaroos, emus and ostrichs head to BelAir national park. It is $8 entrance for a car and there are lovely walks, bbq's, tennins courts and an adventure playground. We always see an abundance of wildlife there, the emus like to share your picnic too!

      Have a great time in Adelaide and safe enjoyable flights.
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      Hey Lizy,

      we're from the wirral too, small world.....................but been here for 16 months.

      dont know about fishing, never done it, but hear most jetties are ok to fish off.
      Also plenty of dolphin tours to grab at the port.
      Cleland is nice, feeding the kangas, emus etc, and there is a fee to cuddle the koalas.

      Hope you guys have a great stay......

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      ohh I'm from the Wirral too! Although I don't live there at the mo (based in Rutland, Leics) but family based in Heswall!
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      Gorge wild life park i reckon is the best, drive up gorge road from Athlestone for some nice views up to Cudlee creek, once you finished drive back down the hill to Gorge road, hang a right, the look for a right turn to Lobethal, when at lobethal turn right then stop at the Bakery for some ice cream. Drive through to the other end of Lobethal and stop for some beer tasting. From here you can head to Handorf, or towards Ashton and back into town down north summit road (nice and twisty) or crank a left and go across to greenhill road and drop into the city that way for some stunning views.
      Dolphins i have never seen at Glenelg, but do see them around the port, North haven / largs and off Semaphore beach, sometimes they come in very close.

      Fishing off the jettys, is not great, nor from the beach unless you know the spots or get the time right. West lakes has fish, small ones, and watch the puffer fish they are posionous. Mozzie lakes has Carp (check on you tube) but is closed at the moment to what i guess will be blue algae.
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      Thanks for all those, feel I am sorted and ready to fly now! One last one I forgot was where is best to pick up a day trip on the Murry River cruise, I see there are a few places, which is the nicest?

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      Hi Drumms, We are in Heswall too!!!! Small world!


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