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      Smile Soccer for 5yr olds


      I have been searching for a team/club that my 5yr old son could play soccer with, Ive tried his school and they don't have a team for his age group, we live in Glenelg north and would be really grateful if anyone knows of any places near glenelg that do soccer (English football)?

      Thanks in advance,


      ps A friend told me someone on hear called Cornelia has a lot of involvement with soccer but I couldnt find them on the members list?

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      Probably a bit far from you but in case anyone else is looking and this might help, I know Tea Tree Gully Soccer Club runs "development squads" for littlies - I think around 4 and 5 yrs old - they certainly look really cute running around in shorts that are almost ankle length, bless!

      Just had a look on a SA Football forum and there is some info about small sided football which has an Under 6 category here: http://www.footballnews.com.au/forum...hp?f=7&t=31470 if you look right at the end there is a post giving a phone number of someone to contact - right at the bottom of page 11 of that thread!
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      Cornelia's husband is the coach at Hallet Cove. Not sure if they go as young as 5 though. seaford have indoor soccer for the little ones at the recreation center but this might be a little too far for you.

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      I help Andy (Cornelia's husband) up at Hallett Cove. We do not have anything for kids as young as 5. The season is almost finished, but we will be starting trials again in October/November for kids to come and join. Not sure but there may be under7's upwards starting next year. You have probably missed it this year, but most schools will run a soccer skills programme, non competitive just running around with a ball at their feet. When will your wee man be 6?

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      Wait until the new year. all football is almost finished (season March - Sept), and trials, registrations start in Jan, with the season starting March/April. Obviously trials aren't needed for 5 year olds, but registrations will be.

      TTG have rubbish coaches, don't they Di

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      I have been looking for sports for my son (6 next month) he does basketball and swimming at the mo would like to Rugby soccer aussie rules basicly anythink with a ball he started to go to the driving range with his dad and loves it

      we live in underdale and prefer weekend activities as work in the week If anyone knows of any clubs etc would be chuffed x



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