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    Thread: where to find things please?

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      where to find things please?

      So as many of you know I arrived here yesterday with my family. We are renting in brookly Park which is very nice. We have today got our hire car, been verified at the bank and got our medicare card. We did pop in woolworths to buy a few bits. so here are a few things I could do with some help.

      * Best place to find a second hand car to buy?

      * where are the green grocers and Buthers too?

      * Is lockleys a good place to settle with kids? Best place to settle with kids.

      * How do we change our driving licence?

      * long term rental - where are the real estates to?

      Sorry for all that but I welcome any advice and thankyou in advance.


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      1)Load s of places up and down south road sure someone on here will give you some names of places.
      2)Not sure what is the nearest shopping center to you but should get all you need in woolworths one at Harbour town on Taplyshill road load of shops there.
      3)Not a bad area dont know too much about it
      4)You need to go to a transport SA office Customer Service Centres - Government of South Australia
      5)Try the paper the adevitiser
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      * Best place to find a second hand car to buy? - We went up to Main North Rd - lots of dealers up there

      How do we change our driving licence? - Services SA - google your nearest location

      * long term rental - where are the real estates to? - Use www.realestate.com.au

      Welcome! It's always hard to start with and you will be asking endless questions - we've all been there! Am not familiar with your area but hope you manage to sort stuff without too much hassle! xxxx
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      Calm down take a deep breath.

      One mans cheap cars is someones expensive one, shop around, main north road is stacked with dealers, some will recommend dealers down south or around the city.

      Food is generaly found together in shopping centres, even the small groups of shops, things are on a different scale here

      Drivers licence is done at the same place you will do your rego, you will find it after a quick search on google.

      Real estate are usually dotted on the main roads, use google again. Check the paper on a saturday, there is a pull out for sales, but at the same time the rentals are in the classifieds in the normal paper.
      I think rentals are in another day as well, don't worry which paper, there's only one.

      Take time to get over the jet lag, and don't make any fast decisions, have a good look at surrounding area's when looking at property - before you view it. Have a real good look at those "cheap" cars under 3K no warranty or comeback!

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      Hi Tanya, Firstly welcome to Adelaide. Hope it was a good trip.

      You can find many car yards on most of the main roads, with the popular ones being Port Road, Main North Rd (from North Adelaide to Gepps Cross) and South Rd.

      If you're in Brooklyn Park area, take a trip to Baa Moo Oink, 378 Findon Road, Kidman Park. They are wholesale butchers, open 7 days and consistently voted best quality/price in SA. The nearest large shopping centre is West Lakes Mall with Coles and Woolworths as well as greengrocers and hundreds of speciality shops, plus Harbourtown near the airport.

      There is a Service SA office at 64 Dale Street, Port Adelaide.

      For rentals, get The Advertiser on Wednesday and Saturday. Also try www.realestate.com.au

      Lockleys is a nice area but I don't know about schools there. West Lakes Shores Primary has a very good reputation, as does Henley High School. Not sure how old your kids are, but rentals from North Haven down to Henley Beach would be a great areas especially if you want to be near the beach. The drive to Calvary would be fairly easy, straight down Port Road and through the parklands so you avoid the city centre traffic.

      Best of luck, Kazza
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      Hi Tanya,

      If you are in Brooklyn Park, then head west towards the sea down Henley Beach Road, and when you get to the crossroads with Tapleys Hill Road turn right, heading north to Fulham Gardens. There, on the right hand side of the road is a medium sized shopping centre with a McDonalds (I think) a really good fruit and veg shop (Adelaide Fresh Fruiterers), Target (clothes, homewares, toys etc), Foodland (supermarket), Bakers Delight (bakery), postoffice, chemist, liquor store, then over the other side of the road a proper butchers shop and Cheap as Chips (worth a look round). It's quite a good place to go as you can park your car and get lots of things done at once. There are also lots of shops along Henley Beach road heading towards the city but it's not always so easy to park along there.

      If you head south down Tapleys Hill Road, just by the airport you will get to Harbour Town outlet shopping, which is mainly clothing shops and homewares but there is a big Woolworths supermarket there too.

      Lockleys is a pretty good area, convenient for the city and the coast. Best to take a while and look around and you will get a good feel for places.

      It will take a while to get your bearings and work out which shops you like best. Get yourself a street directory to help you find your way around - in Adelaide it's a case of learning road names and remembering where they go! Good luck.

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