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    Thread: Alice springs

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      Alice springs

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      I've not yet done the run up to Alice but I reckon you should not go in high summer, far too hot!
      As long as there is a group of you and you have plenty of water / food you'll be fine.

      The Flinders Ranges are stunning you will love them. We shall be going through and on to Arkaroola later on this year.
      One of my favourite places in the world - the sunsets on the Ranges are memorable!:D
      Plenty of places to camp along the way!

      Some piccies from our trip last year.....

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      Fab pics..thank you...this is the stuff i want to see...takes your breath away..

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      My folks are heading up to the Flinders Ranges in September, but not been there myself yet. On the list though...

      One of the tips I heard a while ago that stuck in my mind though was that every time you pass through a place with a name (can only think of the word 'village' but that's not right!!), you should reset your trip mileometer (can't spell this morning either!) so that if you do happen to break down in the middle of nowhere, you can at least tell the emergency people/RAA whatever that you are x km along the xx road north/south/whatever of xxx.

      As I say, not been there so not even sure if there are 'villages' along the way, but if there are, that's what one should do, apparently!!!

      PS Nice pics, Tyke :-)
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****



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