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    Thread: The Royal Adelaide Show

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      Were going on friday.....we have been saving our recycle tinny money in a pot and are going to use that......we have pre booked some ride tickets too and kids are having one bag each thats the limit.

      the kids love it and so do we......especially the fireworks....


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      Ric & Paula
      We're going tomorrow,praying the wind dies down,if not will be seeing lots of other stuff!All looking forward to a giggle on Dad's day,kids are using some spends for a bag each,picnic packed and waterproofs are out!!!Adelaide show rookies and can't wait!!!

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      It's good for the kids,and this in turn makes parents happy.Nowt wrong with that,it's much the same as Fun fares,Shows and Family events the world over.If youv'e got little ones,take them there,they will enjoy it.:D

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      We went today - reminded me of the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate - same smell, different accent. Plenty of sheds with animals and tents with stalls to run into if it starts to rain. All in all a good day - two tired happy kids.

      If you're going by car you might want to rethink, parking on the grass north of greenhill road has been closed because of the rain. We took the train to Goodwood, which is just a short walk away.

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      Thumbs up

      Thanks about your advice about the train to Goodwood- excellent stress free way to get there

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      Another tip if anyone hasn't been yet, is to park in the car park at the ETSA netball stadium (just outside the western parklands, near Mile End): costs $5 to park there (compared to $11 in the muddy parklands) and there is a regular free bus shuttle to and from the show, stops right outside the gate, so minimum walking once you get there. Took my parents there today for a look round and we did this, rather than queuing for hours to get into the parklands parking. Definitely a good choice.
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      We went on Thurs and had a fabulous time:D:D

      Some of the day can be a bit "cheesey" ,some expensive - but the whole experience is worth it.
      We don't have any young kids now so we miss the rides out.

      Thoroughly enjoy the agricultural show side of it.

      Fortunately the weather held out as well

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      Here in Eindhoven, we have something similar called Park Hilaria and is completely free is on for 2 weeks. They close a main road in the city center just a block from where i live. Is very good.

      Was a bit disappointed to see this park in Adelaide is charging to get into as i used to like just to strol through park hilaria to buy some stroopwaffel or oliebollen etc...

      To be fair is probably paid for partly by the local town hall here in Eindhoven - maybe in Adelaide it is not sponsored by the town hall?

      Anyway me and my partner are moving to Adelaide - hopefully - this Jan. We have all our PR etc just trying to finalise that job.
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      Hi Michelle
      We went last year and thought ti was really good. Only problem, was there were a lot of rides that Charlie and Phoebe were too small to go on but the ones that they did go on, the stall holders were really good with them.
      Take a lot of money.
      We took the train. Great there but nightmare getting back. We went on a Sunday and thought it would be easy to get back - it wasn't. Apparently they used to lay more trains on but they did not do it last year. All these trains were going past and not stopping. We ended up catching a train into Adelaide and waiting an hour to get back.
      I would definately drive and pay the $10 or wahtever parking.
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