For those of you that haven't been to one of these before, they're a great free way to spend a few hours (spectating, I mean - wouldn't like to be actually jumping those jumps!)

It takes place in the parklands - you may have seen some of the x-country jumps - and in the past there's been a great atmosphere there. There's also the Christmas Pageant of course - do a search for previous posts if you want more info on that so I don't repeat what others may have already said!

Australian International Three Day Event

12-14 November 2010
Rymill Park, Adelaide

Here’s your chance to giddy up by day and enjoy the evening as the sun goes down, while Rymill Park comes alive for the Australian International Three Day Event. Food, fashion, cool tunes, and a whole lot of horse-in-the-park action!

For more information visit Australian International 3 Day Event | Home Page, email or phone 0418 899 537.