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    Thread: eating at ****** Mclaren Vale

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      I wouldn't get hung up on people being served at different times. Itt happens a lot. Like clearing the table, they don't wait for everyone to finish, they take the plates as they are finished.

      Things missed off orders, well we just usually remind them and everything is fine.

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      My twopennys worth...

      The restaurant roasts unpeeled baby chat potatoes everyday/twice a day in butter, s&p and rosemary, freshly just before the start of service.

      Its always been said the service is hit and miss in there - as with every other restaurant, its the luck of the draw as to who gets your section to wait on all night...and how busy they are.
      Food is fab - steak always comes with veggies aswell so your hub wouldnt have only had meat on his plate unless he stated no veg.

      Food to the tables, in any restaurant is hit n miss, if the kids/waiters cant carry 3 plates then it takes 2 trips, then they get yelled at from the other bar/kitchen sections to take their orders/food out too...
      i feel sorry for waiters, good ones are worth their weight in gold!

      Waiting an hour is bad, but if you saw the size of their kitchen and knew EVERYTHING was cooked freshly to order then you'd know its worth the wait....if starters are ordered then an hour for mains to be served is perfectly normal anywhere...unless you like pub food/macca's etc.
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      If its any consolation my sister and her OH went out to dinner(they live in the north east suburbs)last week,and she told me they had asked for steaks,well done?They cut into them and it was just about raw inside!!! OH and I were in Bath last week,had some lunch,pretty disappointing!It happens everywhere.When I lived in SA roasties were still roasties!Hope you have a nicer experience next time you go out.xx

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      Quote Originally Posted by moonraker1959 View Post
      If its any consolation my sister and her OH went out to dinner(they live in the north east suburbs)last week,and she told me they had asked for steaks,well done?They cut into them and it was just about raw inside!!!
      Tell me where tell me where! That's just how I like my steak and finding somewhere that knows that "medium rare" means not cooked grey all the way through is pretty .... well ...rare!
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      think it really does depend on where you go though, ive had some shocking meals that wouldnt even pass for harvester standards and were almost double the price, waiting staff is another matter altogether though, as another op said before its very hit and miss. seems a shame as each time i have been down to the vale ive had a good meal each time, (although i dont know where you went and each time ive been its been for a "special meal" do always somewhere pretty good).
      i know i can always count on the food at my brothers though even if the service can be a bit suspect at times

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      It's funny what we all expect from a restaurant, no wonder they can't win.

      I recommended a restaurant once for a meal for a friends birthday, it's a great restaurant over looking the city with the winery in front of you. You do pay top dollar for the privilege and it is a’la carte menu. They hated it, that hated the fact they still felt hungry after spending $200 on a meal, I wished I’d have recommended the Watermark all you can eat, at least they'd have been happy.

      I don't like going somewhere nice, only to be served and finished in 30 mins.

      As for the roasties i can imagine looking forward to something only to be disappointed, but like anywhere you have to find the places that suit your tastes. For example I think my Indian food palette has changed, my favourite now is Mr India in Old Reynella, but for years I disliked the Australian version of Indian Food, but now I've got used to it.

      The poorest part of your night sounds like the meals coming out at different times, I know this happens at a lot of places, but I just wouldn't go back to those places if they can't bring out 4 dinners at the same time.

      But we all live and learn

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      Quote Originally Posted by AussieRob View Post
      , I wished Id have recommended the Watermark all you can eat, at least they'd have been happy.]
      The Watermark Glenelg now your talking.....always need a sleep after i come out of there....


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      Red face My favourite places to eat and drink!

      [B]I'm a real foodie and love talking about recommendations for new places to eat and drink. My picks below are places I've enjoyed over the last year in/near Adelaide... a real mix of fine dining down to food court style Chinese - enjoy!

      Places to drink:
      - Wheatsheaf Hotel (Wheaty) in Thebarton - lovely pokie free pub. Lots of interesting beers, wines and whiskeys... they don't stock the big brand names - just stuff from smaller wineries, independent breweries etc. Great atmosphere, great live music - love it!
      - Ed in Mitcham - love the beer garden there
      - Surf Club in Glenelg - not technically a pub but great place for sunset drinks on the balcony - so cheap considering the view and you're supporting surf lifesaving
      - Cork Wine Bar on Gouger St - LOVE this place. Bit more expensive but so worth it for those who are into good wine - run by lovely South African couple who love to chat about the wines - always got new things to taste. Can't recommend highly enough.

      Places to eat:
      - Wasai on Field St, just off Gouger - best sushi in Adelaide! Big sushi boat, heaps for 2 to share, $30 - so fresh and tasty.
      - Victory Hotel at Sellicks Beach - totally agree on this one - wine cellar is fab, food delish. Recommend outside on a summer's day.
      - Star of Greece at Port Willunga for a special occasion, at sunset!
      - Bay Bar Dos in Glenelg (Town Hall) is my new favourite - AMAZING tapas (try the salt & pepper quail, duck shanks, pork belly and delish prawn pizza!)
      - Esca on the Marina in Glenelg - only place worth Marina prices (and in the Entertainment Book)
      - Dumpling King in Chinatown, city - dirty cheap Chinese - place is a bit of a dump but sooo cheap and dumplings are amazing!! Where else can you stuff yourself for $10/head?!
      - Mesa Lunga tapas on Gouger St (corner of Morphett), City - WOW - go here with a group of foodies and share - we had 6 tapas to share plus a huge yummy paella for $40/head
      - The only Indian food I've eaten in Aus that comes close to 'English Indian' is Charminar - there are a few branches. Heard really good things about Arya in North Adelaide however (in Entertainment Book)
      - Third Cork wine bar in Semaphore - great place for a bottle of wine and a platter
      - Tongue Thai'd, Henley Beach Road (city end - Mile End?) - YUM - great food, great service, quirky place - the eggplant chicken dish is out of this world
      - Tanapa Thai, Jetty Road, Glenelg - very authentic Thai food - the snapper special is beautiful.
      - Hotel Tivoli, Pirie St, City - really good pub food - would be called a gastro pub in the UK! China town duck burger (not really a burger) is YUM! Great value using entertainment book
      - Bacchus Bar, Henley Beach - love the chilled atmosphere of this place, very cool, feels more Melbourne than Adelaide. Yummy food. Half price oysters on a Wednesday night! A summer fave.
      - Zest Cafe Gallery - Glenelg - best breakfast by the beach run by lovely lovely family. Zesty Eggs is my fave dish - yum!
      - Cos, Leigh St (between Currie and Hindley), City. Best steak in Adelaide. Not cheap but so worth it.
      - If you're ever in Robe, South East - Vic Street pizza - best pizza I've ever eaten!

      Phew - think that's my favourites covered - happy eating!
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