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    Thread: Planning a party for a 6yr old, HELP!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Sallyh View Post
      Looks really good but does anyone else think we should be supporting such a TERRIBLE AND ANNNOYING pronunciation of the word Lego????!!!!!!

      For me it's right up there with Uno. Like, Italian for one, last card in your hand and all that. Not "You Know". Thankfully DH didn't take long after he met me to embrace our more accurate pronunciations but family here still not converted.

      Actually it's one of the reasons I homeschool.

      Oh, and for anyone who hasn't moved to Adelaide yet, it's not too late. There are some states in Australia that actually do say "Lego" instead of Laygo............
      LOL!! I correct my kids everytime they say 'Laygo!!'' ....Its 'LEG O' !!!.... think South Australia is the only place that says it wrong!!

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      I'm on a one-woman crusade to make sure the word Programme doesn't go all American on us too! It is NOT Program!!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      I think we need a spin off thread "Banned words in my house".
      Me (36), DH (36), DS1 (9), DS2 (6), DS3 (4), DD1 (2), DD2 - BRAND NEW!!! 26-6-11 ...80 ʇdǝs ɹǝpun uʍop pǝʌıɹɹɐ

      Enjoying every day life with all our needs satisfied in this sunscorched land...

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      Hi Sally,
      Im a bit of an expert in this field as I have operated a kids party company for 5 years here in Adelaide. I can advise you that 6 yr old boys would be bored at footprints, its small and aimed at pre-schoolers. I used it regularly when my kids were little and its the perfect spot for catching up with friends for a coffee whilst the little ones play. My 6 yr old boy (now 11 yikes!!!) loved the whole swimming party thing. Marion swim centre offer a good price and there is bbq to use for a sausage - great way to do something you would never have done in the UK!!!
      I obviously run SPlodge childrens entertainment buy we are a mobile service so cant offer you a venue option. We see some super parties and actually the best ones we tend to find are the get togethers at a local park with a bit of hired kids entertainment or face painter for an hour letting the kids run, climb and play on the park equipment for the rest of the time. Take your own food and shade and perfect, ideal on the budget too.
      Good luck and if you need any other advice please PM me I wont try to push splodge down your neck, honest!!!!!
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