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      Rob and Clare

      Hot Days in Adelaide

      Just in case anyone didn't know, on the really hot days just head south to Victor harbour and around that area. Today in the city tipped 38, and the previous 2 days were over 40 degs, where as at Victor it was just 25 deg. It's a great way to escape the intensity of the heat, and of course not a bad place to visit.

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      We have had our friends over from Oz for the last month and they live in Victor Harbour and were telling us exactly the same thing.
      However they arrived home yesterday so 25 degrees is gonna seem like a scorcher to them as they have been freezing here in North Devon and Cornwall for the whole of December!!!
      Oh well I am sure they will get used to it again very quickly!!

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      Rob and Clare
      Hi Vicky, Steve and Cameron,

      How did they like it? Did they get to see any snow ? and your right, 25 degs will feel great after the cold.

      One of ours friends visited the UK in July, while the floods were on and they still loved it, they thinking of emgrating the other way.

      We went to the boat show at hindmarsh island last year, and we left the city with the temperature in the scoriching 40's, and when we got there we needed a jacket or long sleeved top as the wind was really chilly, when we got back to the city in the evening it was still about 37 degs....

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      Hi Rob & Clare

      Reading your thread we see you have been in Adelaide for a couple of years. Lucky you!!!
      Could you tell us what West Lakes or Glenelg is like to live and what the public transport is like?
      We have nev er visited Adelaide so it will be a pleasant surprise when we finally get there, people we have spoken to have said it is a beautiful place to be. Were you glad with your decision ?

      Happy New year to you

      Babz & Kevin

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      Hi Rob & Clare

      Truthfully I think our friends were happy to get on the plane back to Oz!! Tammy had lived here for a 5 year period many years ago but her partner hadn't lived here for 35 years. Their oldest child did nothing but complain about the food and how everything tasted different - even the turkey and roast potatoes on his christmas dinner. Consequently he had a packet of crisps for his christmas lunch!

      They were impressed by the amount of choice in the supermarkets but werent so impressed by how expensive they though it was to eat out and the price of petrol!! It was freezing cold and rained loads which probably didnt help!! To be honest I don't think they will venture back to the UK anytime soon.

      They are trying to convince us to move to Victor but having been there we really dont think its for us. She did dismiss nearly every suburb I mentioned but to be fair she does have a rather blinkered vision when it comes to these things!!! I wont bother mentioning what she said about places because its up to us to find somewhere that is right for us (Mawson Lakes is our place of choice right now by the way!!)

      So it looks like they'll be enjoying their 25 degress whilst we are baking in the 40 degree heat!! Guess we better get aircon then!!


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      Rob and Clare
      Hi Vicki,

      I can understand your friends view of the UK, for some people here the UK is almost the golden chalice, we have to post an engineer from where i work to the UK and all the engineers jump at the chance at spending 2 years there, and over the last 10 years only 1 engineer has come back, i don't quite understand it as life is so much more relaxed and enjoyable here, but we all have our own thoughts of what is good.

      If you did end up in Victor harbour it is a nice place, we actually went there today and met up with some friends from Melbourne, and true to form it was refreshing to be out of the heat.

      I'm not sure what makes a bad area though in Adelaide, I grew up in a council estate near West Bromwich and it was like living in a concrete rabbit warren with graffitii and broken windows, there just isn't that type of estate here, but there are some roads and areas where the houses are a bit more tired than others and the appearence isn't that well maintained, but nothing that rough.

      As for Mawson Lakes, we totally love it. We have just started a summer festival, and one weekend there is a kids bike challenge, with bike courses and prizes and stuff, then the start of the tour down under, then an outdoor cinema with fireworks (just ruck up with an esky, drink a beer or 2 watch a movie and fireworks in the park) and a rock and roll night on the promenade (not one to dance myself, but happy to watch), all of which is a 5 minute walk round the lake from home.

      Obviously we have loads of photo's of the estate, if you want us to e-mail them over to you, then PM us with you e-mail address.

      Cheers and Happy new year


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