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    Thread: Fiji - Family Friendly

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      Quote Originally Posted by churchj1 View Post
      Hi Katie, just for your information, Lizzie and I have been really ill since our return from Fiji. I have had blood tests and have Ross River Virus, which is a nasty little virus from infected mozzie bites (of which we got many despite using tropical strength deet!) This illness is awful, I have barely been able to walk, had very high fevers (39.5c) and felt dizzy and nauseous. My whole body hurts and the pain in my joints is unsdescribable and in my own words worse than labour!!! It can last for months and there is no treatment, I just have to wait for it to go away. Luckily little Lizzie is fully recovered and my fever has gone so i'm feeling heaps better.
      Don't want to put you off your holiday, but just to tell you that with 3 little ones to look after, i've had a week of hell and without my best mates god knows what I would have done! (Rich is away in Brisbane)
      Oh my goodness Julia your poor thing what a scary thing to go through especially with a young baby too. Glad to hear you are all on the mend now must have been an absolute nightmare with your husband away too.

      Luckily we didn't go ahead and book Fiji we have booked the Turtle Beach Resort in the Gold Coast. I was really tempted to book the Paradise Resort as looks fantastic but I really wanted somewhere with full self-catering facilities as well as things to do for the kids. They also have a 2 nights free offer too :-). Tom is such a nightmare when eating out at the moment so is much better for us to cook ourselves or get take aways.

      I was also very tempted by Daydream Island as have heard so many fab things but just think with Emily being so young we would leave that for another time, so would love to hear what you think of it when you get back next year :-).

      Take care of yourself.

      K x

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      Quote Originally Posted by katieb View Post
      Luckily we didn't go ahead and book Fiji we have booked the Turtle Beach Resort in the Gold Coast.
      K x
      Again can you let is know how are you planning to get from the airport to the resort?

      Thanks Rob and Mel


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