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    Thread: Driving to Melbourne

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      Driving to Melbourne

      Hey all,

      We have decided to get out and have our first excursion to Melbourne.
      Were going to visit the King Tut exhibition and as it's leaving early Dec, we need to go in this school break.
      Since the airfares are stupidly expensive, were going to drive. I'll finish work at 3 on Fri then we'll head down, then come back on Mon.
      I'll take the shortest route which is inland on dukes highway, thank god for the sat nav!! and we should reach there 11-12pm, in one piece fingers crossed xx
      Just wondering, as were going interstate, do we need to change anything on the car, like the lights like you do, when you drive from UK to France. Do we need to take our passports and visa's?
      Will there be 24 hr petrol stations so that I can fill up on the way.
      We have a 2.2 litre holden zafira, and I'll fill up before we leave, how long will it last before I need to fill up again and is it 110km per hour all the way??
      I'm so excited, and I can't wait, hubbie says I'm bonkers but it has to be done!!

      Has anyone else done this drive and could you share your experiences with me?

      Thanks Prema x

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      we drove there last christmas, didnt take the shortest route though as we had a couple of weeks. i didnt change anything with our car, i dont think there were many 24hr petrol stations that we passed as they were mainly small towns that we went through with servo's open during the day, but like i said we didnt do the dukes highway. speed limit is less than here 100km instead of the 110km plus the clocks change 1/2hr forward (i think)... we always filled up at most towns so i always had a full tank but unsure what your lts are per km for your car...you can get an average on www.drive.com.au if you do a search for your car in the used car section. happy travels...
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      Yes, watch out for two things: firstly you'll be driving at dusk so be very careful you don't crash into a 'roo; secondly, watch out for traffic police - they lurk by the state border and watch for people who don't know about the speed limit change, and if they can't get you on that, they'll try and find something else to fill their quota (they fined us over $300 for not having a Bike SA number plate on our bicycle rack - even though the car numberplate wasn't obscured!)

      You don't need passports unless you don't yet have an SA driving license. You need to carry your license with you whenever driving, like here. And on the way back, don't bring any fruit with you!! The hardest thing regarding navigating will probably be when you get to Melbourne, up to there it's very straightforward. My neighbour's son was learning to drive and she got him to drive all the way back from Melbourne to get his hours up!
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      when in melbourne remember to look out at traffic light that when turning right, sit in the left lane untill everything has passed you then go for it !!!! What a stupid road rule !!!!!! LOL

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      Tourism Victoria

      Hey Prema,

      While you're driving down the route, remember the traffic rules and the speed at you're driving with. You might also want to be careful of other drivers. The traffic rules get a little funny around there! :) And stay calm through your trip, excitement is good, but soak in the smallest pleasures a roadtrip has to offer!

      Have a safe trip,
      Tourism Victoria



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