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      off leash dog walking

      does anyone know where i could get a list of offleash walking areas around adelaide. we are just in the process of applying for a visa and want to make sure our little guys can get the exercise they are used to.

      cheer s mandy + matt :?:

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      Hi Mandy

      Not sure where you cn get the list BUT I do know that when we were on the beach we saw loads of dogs off the leads and also some joggers had dogs off leads. All the signs state that dogs must be under control so I guess if they are good they are ok to be off leads. I didnt see if this was only at certain seasonal periods but I will say we saw loads of dogs and a lot of the cafes earer the beach areas had dog bowls out, so it looks like a dog friendly place, which is good we love doggies :D :D

      Hope this helps

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      Hi Mandy

      When we were over in Adelaide in March, we checked out places to walk our dog. The National Parks surrounding Adelaide (e.g Belair Nat. Park) appear to be no-go area for dogs off the lead (I do not know if this applies to all Nat. Parks). This is because they are trying to wipe out the fox population by using poisoned dog food. Foxes are a real problem, for killing the local wildlife e.g. bandicoots. As for other parks there are usually signs whether you can let your dog off or not. I do not know about beaches, but I suspect it will depend on the time of year and how popular it is with bathers. We asked a few people about this, and really it is the same as England. Local parks often supply dog poo bins and you are expected to pick up, also apparently you should also have a bag in your pocket to show your intentions to pick up (if you get me).

      There did seem to be parks where you could let your dog off, and we felt it is an important consideration to check the area out first before committing to buy and rent a property. As you do not have to walk or drive far before you are able to let your dog off.

      Contact local councils and/or the local libraries for more information.

      Hope this helps.

      We are in the process of organising our dog into quarantine. This is not cheap!!!! Also it is worth noting that some of the quarantine kennels have a five month waiting list, so get the the permit from AQIS and book early, and the nearest kennels are in Melbourne!

      Hope this helps. Best of luck.



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      G'day there,

      I'm not entirely sure of the council region (I think it's either West Torrens or Charles Sturt council shire), but along the River Torrens in the western suburbs (in the suburb of Lockleys I believe - www.whereis.com.au), the council has just made a fully-fenced dog walking park.

      It is in a very convenient location, with a main road and a carpark bordering one side for easy access, and then the river and big gum trees around the rest of the park.

      The park is a good size - around the edge it has an obstacle course for active dogs with little jumps, tunnels, etc. Then the whole middle area is free for dogs to run for balls or just mingle. I went there the other week and there would have been about 40 dogs all meeting each other, and it's great for people to meet others with dogs too. The park was made in response to the large number of areas now becoming restricted for dogs.

      It would be a 10 minute drive west, from the city.

      Otherwise, a lot of beaches are becoming either "dog-free" or "dogs on leads only". At suburban parks there are usually signs saying the rules. Dogs are definitely no-go in national parks, as they can hunt the local animals or get lost easily!

      Hope this helps.



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