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    Thread: Spiders - yuk!

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      The Waite Family

      Thumbs down Spiders - yuk!

      I have a very bad phobia of spiders and keep making myself look at pics of them so I know what i'm up against

      I've noticed alot of peeps on here keep saying they either bash them or suck them up their hoovers

      I have had horrifying experiences doing both of these things:

      1) stomped on a spider once and although it died immediately it's hundreds of babys that it must have been carrying did not and scuttled away all over the place - luckily it was outside but have never ever squashed a spider since and don't intend to.

      2) Sucked one up the hoover and was sure it would suffocate in all the dust - that one must have been preggers aswell because during the night hundreds of tiny little baby spiders came marching out of my dyson!

      So I am a bit concerned (well terrified actually)

      I must be mad even contemplating coming to Oz!


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      Oh my god that would terrify me so Im no help.

      Kimberley x

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      I used to have more spiders in UK than here!!:o

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      Oh gross. Thanks for the tips
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      The main thing to remember is there are some to let live and some to kill.
      i don't get any more spiders in the house than i did in the Uk, and I have 1/2 an acre, quite rural. Huntsmen won't hurt you, i can now put a glass over them and chuck them out. the ones that can bite you I just spray with stuff you buy from the supermarket then chuck em away. I leave them alone if they are outside, only move them if its near where the kids play. Believe me you'll moan about flies more than spiders. I've got more of a mice problem than spiders. In nearly 3 years i reckon i've had 7 spiders in the house. Have you thought of hypnotheraphy before you leave?

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      LOL, my hubby bashed one with the vacuum cleaner. Broke that and the spider stood up and walked away!!! And today I found one swiming around in the pool, took me a while but I did get brave and eventually got it out.

      (youcan't suck an adult huntsman up in the vacuum cause they are too big, plus you then have to take the bag out and that hasa hole in it!!)

      I know what youare going thru. I had therapy before I came out and after all this time I'm ok witht he small ones but still the huntsman freak me out, espically the big ones. I got trapped in the beroom not long ago as it was on the wall by the door. I know I can laugh now but it freak me out big time. I had nothing to hit it with, no phone to call for help. I ended up throwing socks at it but then it went in my wardrobe and in a shoe.... nedless to say after my mum drove 30mins to help me I throw the shoe away, hahahaha.

      Huntsman are harmless. There are brown in colour, just big and hairy with long legs *shiver*. If you see one the same but is orange or has white on it underneath or stripey front legs then its a badge spider and they are poisonous and aggressive.

      The main spider I've always got are the whitetips which are about 10-20cm long. Kill them because there are two types but you can't tell the difference. Won't go into it as you'll hear about it.

      We also get daddy-longs-legs spiders (yes just like the fly). I leave them, even though they are big I have learnt to live with them because they eat redbacks and other nasty spiders. I suggest to learn to love them too.

      There are plenty of orb spiders, harmless again but i know your dilemma and to begin with they are terrifying even though so small.

      Black house spides, again big, will bite but generall live outside.

      Wolf spiders, get the heaps in the hills. Big, walk around on the ground but squash easliy.

      Spraying them with the can from teh supermarket i actually really inhuman as you need to cover it's whole body area and it dies in agony. I suggest squashing them.

      I wouldn't worry about the spiders. What aboutthe centipedes, scorpions, sharks, snakes, etc. LOL, sorry don't mean to scare you as I really do know what you are going thru. I'm thinking about therapy but the idea of having to touch one makes me feel so sick that I'm put off before pick up the phone.

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      The Pottertons
      I might invest in a spider vaccum before i go out there for the harmless spiders. Its not gonna harm them i can get it up without going too nesr. Like you im dreading the first time i see a huntsman. Even though they are harmless its the size. I just think that tarantulas should be behind a glass case in the zoo!!!! How rude that they are allowed to tresspass in to your home! THe thing that worries me is if they crawl on you in the night_ How do you stop that!!!

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      Have only seen a couple of Huntman's since we've been here, they're big but harmless. Who cares - hit them with a shoe anyway! The things that REALLY pee me off here are the flies and the ants! I can guarantee if I step out the door with food in my hand then a gazillion flies will instantly appear and head straight for me! If you have a bbq and are foolish enough to invite children, the little darlings will drop food all over your garden and your house and you will be overun with ants within about three minutes. I spend an absolute fortune on ant powder, fly spray, fly swatters, citronella candles - all to no avail, there's just to bloody many!
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      The Pottertons
      Ants-Marks favorite course of action is the blowtorch! Keeps him amused for hours and out of my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont suppose it would make much difference but its great fun apparently!!! Does anything eat the ants?

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      The Pottertons
      You could always chuck a sneaky sticky bun over your hedge into the neighbours. Detract the attention from you're garden!:D


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