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35 degrees for autumn (5/4/12) just seems insane from this end of the world...
It was a nice day, although temps dropped sharply from the following day - 18 at the moment (1:10pm). The 35 year average for April is 12.4 minimum and 22.6 maximum.

To be fair, the first month of autumn was very pleasant, with six days over 30 in March and 14 days below 25.

No doubt Adelaide meets the technical criteria of a Med climate, but so far I haven't found the summers anything like as consistent as most Med places I've visited, but then I've never spent four and a half years in one go in any of them, so not a totally fair comparison. Certainly it gets more summer rainfall than a lot of Med places (about three times wetter than mainland Greece, six times wetter than many Greek Isles and parts of Spain such as Malaga).