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      mountain biking

      mountain biking....mountain biking...can anybody who is already there or has good knowledge of adelaide and surrounding area,s know of any good trails or ride centre,s
      as junior and i are dismantling ourt trusty steeds for the journey over there (which all going well shall be around about july this year at the latest), we are eager to find out about mountain bike trails.
      and any body else who is into mbr maybe we could hook up once we are there for a ride out....

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      I'd direct u to this fella's web site to ask him:

      US -> UK -> NZ -> OZ

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      Eagle on th Hill Mountain Park.
      My hubby loves it & been going since it opened. Go early in the morning as there are less people. It is closed if wet and they expect you to clean your bike so a not to transfer bug etc about. There are mountain bike clubs that do weekly races etc. My hubby is currently away so can't gie you any info just yet, he's back in a couple of weeks so I'll ask him then.

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      sounds good roo, can,t wait to try it out...


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