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      Clipsal 500

      Hi there all
      Now then, I know nothing about motor sports whatsoever and don't desire to either, but love most other sports. But this year, we ventured to the Clipsal on Thursday which was warm up day - well Guzzler went in the day time and I went in the evening and meet him for the evening concert. Missed the first band, Guzzler said they were great but the second band were Little Birdy - pretty good and the big one was
      who were awesome.

      Point of my thread - Adelaide is alive, kicking, knows how to party and there are very pretty cool people here too. We don't get out much (with 2 little ones) so it has taken us nearly 2 years to work this one out! hahaha!

      But what an outdoor event - the whole set up was very professional and we were about 15 metres from the stage - I felt like a teenager again!

      I know Guzzler wanted to put a thread on about this, but he can't type that fast! haha!

      And being the star spotter/groupie that I am - after the gig, the drummer of SSS was wondering around in the crowd (he is from Adelaide and probably meeting up with friends) but I decided to get autograph hunting - how sad am I? But he was lovely and obliged. Also told us they had turned down doing a 40 gig tour supporting The Sugababes so that they could finish their second album which is due out this August - can't wait!

      So if anyone is going this weekend, you will be guaranteed to have a great time and I wish I could go again tomorrow night to see Santana. See told you I was not interested in the cars (there are only 2 teams anyway - Holden and Ford, what's all that about?) - just give me the bands!

      See ya!


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      Sounds like you had a lovely time!

      Lovely to hear than Adelaide can throw a good party.


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      I'm going today (Sunday) with my youngest who loves racing cars.

      I'm then getting rid of him and watching Santana rock.

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      [quote=Guzzler&Sas;25291]Hi there all
      I know Guzzler wanted to put a thread on about this, but he can't type that fast! haha!

      I don't type very fast, due to the reason not everyone can read that quick,


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      Andrew and Ben went yesterday and haven't shut up about it. Great value - $67 for an adult and children were free. Free train ride into the city and back and free buses to clipsal. Free rides for the little uns on the amusements. And don't get me started on the cars! I bloody fed up of hubby going on about it!

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      Yep Greg is up there today with a couple of mates. he wanted to see the last race of the 10th anniversary year and Santana as a bonus tonight!!!!


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      I won't tell you what Brad said about FORD & HOLDEN, they actually stand for something......& yes an 11 year old knew. *...*....Rubbish.....Dump
      ps the * are not swearing I just can't remember what he said LOL.
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