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      running and keeping fit in the south - Port Noarlunga

      Hi back in the UK I used to run a little with my friend and I was wondering if any groups of people get together to run to keep fit around Christies beach / Port Noarlunga etc.

      I've been running a little on my own but I miss the social side when you've a friend in tow.

      I looked into the Port Noarlunga centre but want to do something on the cheaper side at the minute due to cost etc

      Thanks Karen

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      Good luck getting a few people together, the gym at Noarlunga is quite cheap and has a creche. I go to Genesis but it's a bit more expensive but also has a creche.
      If you don't get any takers then you could always look up http://www.sarrc.asn.au/index.php/ru...running-groups - Glengowrie is your nearest one.
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