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    Thread: Holiday nsurance for my elderly parents. Nightmare!

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      Quote Originally Posted by TheHarrisonFamily View Post
      also thanks to Ryan D who gave me some info about a travel company who specialise in long holdays for over 70s. Im not sure why you have removed the reply, as the web site is fantastic and offering all the services. It wont give me a quote as its to far in advance at the moment, but I will be looking nearer the time.


      i have added the website for others to see.
      The person you are referring to appeared to be a spammer promoting a company in a first post link. Hence the post was removed from the thread.

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      Hi Donna,
      we got full cover for 11 weeks, I cannot remember the exact cost in pounds but around the 600 mark which was the best by far of many.
      From my research and questions, you cannot get the 1week for each way travel, you could do it but run the risk of not really being coverd for the return flight. as you have a bit of time then try some research and ask the question you may find a company whom will maybe give you a quote, try posting the question on a uk insurance forum.
      If you have any luck then let this site know for future reference.
      Good luck

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      I got a quote for my parents through all clear travel insurance who do not discriminate on age, illness or disability - it blew the other quotes out the water

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      My parents friends are in their 70's and come out every year for several months as their sons live here. They have their travel insurance we think through their bank account.

      I asked my parents in the UK and they have travel insurance through their bank account (they are always going on holiday including coming over here to see us), this is the email they sent to me....

      our insurance is with santander 50+ it covers us up to age 79 years and for 31 days.
      we can upgrade to 45 or 60 days for an additional premium, do not know how much it is.
      We pay 12 a month but also get card and identity fraud protection and also 2 consultations a year for medical reasons.
      there is often adverts on the tv for travel insurance for old and ill people.


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