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      Smoke Free Pubs & Restaurants

      Hi there,

      Can anyone confirm if the pubs & restaurants in Adelaide have the cigarette ban like back in the UK.


      Derek & Jak

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      jill wright

      Know what you mean Derek & Jak its amazing how we've got used to it over here isn't it (sorry all you smokers out there). Phil recently went to Holland with my eldest son Daniel for a junior football tournament and found it really strange to see ash trays on tables and smoke filled bars again. Interested in reading the answer to this question

      The Wrights

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      cockney lass
      Yep, all smoke free here, you'll be pleased to know.;)

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      Yep it's the same here - the local paper recently reported that bar staff and customers have been complaining that since the smoking ban was put in place last year, they have noticed the rise in very smelly customers! Seems it got so bad that one customer was asked to leave in Hallett Cove Tavern! You also get a fine if you are smoking in a car with someone who is under 16 in it. Still not quite as bad as in Sydney yet. There are signs up on some streets telling you smoking is prohibited in Sydney! We really are outcasts now. Makes me so irritable not being able to smoke with a drink that I am noticing how many people take smelly dogs into pubs/restaurants and expect you to smile when it goes around your legs!


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