This morning my family and I got up at 4.45am and headed down to Jetty Rd Brighton for the traditional Anzac Day Dawn memorial service.

How priveledge did I feel to be standing there amongst 2,000 strong people, all there to give their support, thanks and rememberance to all who served in the fight for freedom.

Bagpipes started off the procession, men and women marched down Jetty Rd with their heads held high, a quartet sang and speeches were made. A throughly moving and emotional hour for everyone. After the Last Post was played and 2 minutes silence was held, I opened my eyes to see the sun had risen, all timed to perfection.

My husband and I were truly overwhelmed by the event. More than 300 people went back to Brighton's RSL and enjoyed a free cup of coffee complete with a shot of Bundy Rum and a hot dog. The bar was open and at 7am Ian and I were having a whisky with some old soliders and toasting their good health.

A fantastic expereince which I encourage you all to attend next Anzac Day.

Judi x