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    Thread: Celtic F.C.

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      Celtic F.C.

      Any Celtic supporters or supporters clubs in Adelaide? What times are the league games on at? Are Adelaide F.C. a good team?

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      there is a Celtic club down on Port Road near the icerink. But be warned, i was told (and he is a Celtic man) that it`s a bit rough. He went there once and won`t be back ,lol.
      See your from Falkirk. From Ayr myself. Living up at Aberfoyle Park and drink at the Hub if you fancy a beer or 2. Been here since Jan. Like to follow the Scottish game no great allegiance to any team apart from the might " Honest Men " fae Ayr. You can guess how much I know about football as a Ayr United man ,lol. Also like to play a bit of golf, badly, now and again.


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