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      Babysitter Offered!

      Hello All,

      If there is anyone wanting a babysitter? For all you newly arrived Pom's with no family or friends and want to go out and have some fun, I am the person to ask. I am available most times, experience (Mother of 2 boys age 18 & 16 and a housewife to my Husband!) He's a South Australian Police Officer so he needs mothering lol We live in Hallett Cove, but I obviously drive so know where is too far. We emigrated over in November 06 and know how people feel when newly arrived.

      PM me, I really wont charge too much, depends on when, where how many children and if you're coming home lol

      We all need some down time and there is nothing worse than not been able to get out with our friends and family without the children in tow....


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      baby sitting

      Hi Lorraine

      I live in Trott Park and I will need a babysitter for my two boys Alex and Tom (9 and 6) as I need to go to a works promotional event on weds 9 july. Please let me know if you are about on that day - I would be home by 8.30. (PS I wanted this to go direct to you but I fear Imay have posted on noticeboard! Computers and I.....well it is early in the morning I'm still half asleep!) Cheers beverley:)


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