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      Table Bowls !!!!

      Hello PIA people. This question will mean nothing to most of you out there. Up here in Cumbria, a game of Table Bowls is played in most Working Mens Clubs. The game is basically the same as grass bowls, only it is played on a snooker table using a chute to launch the miniature jack and bowls. I have read that this game is also played in Australia. Can I ask anyone from down under to verify that this game is played in Adelaide ? Regards....Mitchkeza.

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      never heard of it and a quick google didn't come up with anything in Adelaide beyond normal 10 pin or lawn bowls. That is not to say you could start your own. The Italians when they came bought their own versions and used to play it in parks.
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      Thanks for the reply. Looks like I will have to bring a set over to enlighten the southern hemisphere of this "olde world game". This link will inform you of the game... http://mastersgames.com/cat/table/table-bowls.htm Regards..... Mitchkeza.


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