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      toddler play groups in/near north adelaide


      I am about to arrive in Adelaide with my one year old boy for a three month break my husband is going to be working out here for the time. Can anyone recommend any good play groups for a very active one year old?? I will be staying in North Adelaide and will have no car..

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      Hi there
      Why not get in touch with Playgroup SA - just google them, it is a huge organisation out here and they can advise of nearest playgroups to where you will be living.

      Playgroup was my life line when we arrived - Guzzler started working within 2 weeks and we had no internet access to get onto the forums, so I walked until I found my nearest playgroup. Luckily it was very friendly and welcoming and I made some of my best friends there - also a very good way to integrate with the Aussies.

      Depending on how long you are here for, you may find you need a second car because not very much is within walking distance and when you hit a 40deg plus day, you don't walk anywhere, especially with a little one in a pushchair - they sun is merciless and you get burnt very quickly.

      Good luck


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