Some great places to eat out are, The Astor Hotel on Pultney Street meals served from about 11.00 each day until 9.00 at night, great t-bones $10, all meals really well priced and huge, nice pub, very popular for functions. Lunch on Angas great breakfast from memory its about $8.00 for a full breakfast, and includes coffee. We have half price pizza in at The Rob Roy Hotel on Halifax Street, every Tuesday night and catch up with any new comers to town, if any of you are interested in joining us please let me know, it costs about $8 for a large gourmet pizza, beer a bit dear here but its a nice pub and the people who own it are great, they often have special nights, free barbqs occassionally and celebrate St. Andrews day etcetera. Half price lunches every day at Boho on Unley Road, worth a visit not only for the food but to check out the place, make sure you go upstairs. Best little bakery in town is Queen of Tarts, on Hutt Street in the city, open oly during the week from about 10.00 till about 3.00 I think Ginetto (think that is how you spell his name) makes the most amazing quiches, pies, and pizzas, and little pastries, just a small place, but soooo popular, and most of the food is coming out of the oven while you wait, not cheap, but worth every penny, and if you go there tell him Sandra sent you. Another good deal, lunch of a Sunday at the Snakecharmer restaurant also on Unley Road, great $20 buffet, my shop's next door take a peak in the window (I'm not there on Sunday). Well that lot should keep you all going for a while, let me know what you all think. And yes the men do cook the barbqs once we women have bought, prepared and marinated the meat, made all the salads, made the garlic bread, oh and yes at the end of it all we get to wash up, while they take all the glory. Where do we buy the spices made by Garganis can anyone tell me. Thanks yall.