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      dear all
      many thanks for the replies especially the kind invite
      unfortunately we dont have transport
      so hopefully we wont be the only ones in glenelg
      sounds like some places could be open
      thanks again

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      I reckon we will be joining you Liz. You will have to let us know what time you all head out there.

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      We always walk the festive food off at moana beach with a traditional swim in the sea.You all might hear my teeth chattering up at Noarlunga.

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Monaghans View Post
      I reckon you'll be spending most of Christmas Day asleep! If you do manage to drag yourseves from your bed then of course, you're welcome to join the gang as well!

      Afraid our kids might be just a BIT young to be of any use to your boys as they're only 4 and 3 but if they're into ballet or Roary the Racing car there might be a friendship to be made!
      ROFL...I reckon you're right..xmas day sleeping!....here....that sounds spookily familiar but it's usually after dinner the sleeping happens.

      Well...what can I say...I reckon adrenaline will keep us going. We'll defo make our best effort to be there. I'm curious as to what to bring though? Shrimp always sounds like an ozzy favourite bbq delicacy. Should we bring like a disposable bbq or are there public ones at the beach, or maybe we should splash out and buy ourselves one :-) wee xmas present from santa

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      Shy Ted
      Eskies. Christmases.


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