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      shops in adelaide?

      Hi to anyone who lives n Adelaide. Can you let me know what the shops are like? Are there some reasonable furniture shops lke Ikea, etc? Also, are there nice clothes and shoe shops - are they similar to UK? What are the prices like? Sorry about all the questions but we are moivng to Adelaide in September and we have never been there before I just want to get an idea for what it is like? Thank you for any replies!:p

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      Richard seems to live in Ikea so there is definately one of those!!! There is a good outlets near the airport and all other shopping seemed to be catered for, there are a large number of 'Targee' as Kath and Kim would say!!!!!!
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      There are loads of shops here :) There is an IKea along with hundreds of other shops. The thing I love is their are a lot of boutiquey shops rather than masses of clone stores from the UK.

      Depending where you live there are some major shopping malls dotted about plus loads more around the city and in each suburb. Our nearest is Colonnades at Noarlunga which has about 180 stores in, then we have Seaford Mall round the corner with about another 40ish in plus deli, garden centre, takeaway, bottle shop etc in next road.

      This will give you an idea of what is about - http://www.adelaidebound.com/shopping.htm

      just don't expect to come over looking for Next, Tesco etc and you will be fine. Nothing we have not been able to find here yet but we are not looking for uk stuff here and happy to go aussie


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      We could do with the likes of Next here, as I think the quality of clothes isn't up to much.

      So if anyone on here has found a nice little Boutique with quality clothing at Next kind of prices, then I'd love to know about it.

      As for general household furnishing, I think there's a massive choice. We all get bombarded with T.V ads of the latest sales. They're some pretty good deals around if you are willing to shop around.

      An Argos catalouge would't go a miss though! lol :D

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      the surf shops are great but quite a bit more expensive we love shopping 4 clothes in these

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      Hi, if i was you i would stock up on as much uk sales clothes as you can... I love adelaide & austalia, but i do think their clothing is absolutely the worst! I think we were spoilt in uk for choice, price etc....gutted that there is nothing like Next, Monsoon,:( My daughter will be 2 1/2 in august, she is tall but having to buy size 4 for her is just crazy... dont think i could ever dress her in just "trackies" as most of the kids are here.

      Shoes.....same as....walking boots purchace in the UK!

      another Sarah.

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      No such thing as 'cheap' clothes stores here. I used to buy loads of kids clothes from Matalan and Primark, I called them 'disposable clothes', multi packs of tshirts, undies and socks, they were so cheap that it didn't really matter if the kids only got a few wears out of the stuff as we could easily afford to replace it all. I begrudge paying for winter clothes here as the kids don't really get the wear out of them. I also hate the fact that stores like Target and KMart only have children's clothes upto age 7 after that the clothes are just smaller versions of teenege clothes, not what I want or think appropreate, to drees my 7 1/2 year old daughter in.

      I keep the charity shops in buisness though with all the stuff I keep donating.

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      We have found BIg W, K-Mart and Best for Less look ok for 'disposable' clothes and Pumpkin Patch for kids clothes are a great match for Next and I can find more in there than I could in Next too!! ;)


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      Dose any one know if their are any material/ patern shops. I am thinking of bringing my sewing machein and it might bypass some of these problems for us.


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      Yes Ali, Spotlight should have everything you need.



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