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      house building in the hewett and Gawler areas.

      Does anyone know the state of play regarding the housing development that was due to start in the Hewett area. I was over in sept 08 and looked at some new houses in the area nd was told there were more going up. Was wondering if the recession had put the mockers on it. Im a chippy so im interested in the work situation in that area.
      Cheers Chidge

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      There are more new houses being built at Hewitt at the moment in the side roads off of Kingfisher Drive and still some new plots available.
      A bit further out (10-15 mins drive) there is a new development just starting at Freeling which has quite a few lots sold and some already in progress of being built but none complete yet. The show homes village is being built there now as well and the roads have recently been laid.
      We've just bought a new lot at Wasleys (also 10-15 mins from Gawler). The developers (same one as freeling) are just starting work to put services in etc.
      If you want info about how many lots are at Freeling or Wasleys contact Elders real estate in Gawler.


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