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      hi, i have just joined this site,we have our visas and have sold our house fingers crossed and yesterday i booked one way flights to adelaide , we have never been to oz let alone adelaide!!. we fly on new years day 07.
      I have 2 daughters aged 12 & 13 does any one else out there have children the same age going 2 adelaide.My partner is a joiner so we got in on a skilled visa and used an agent it was really straight forward.Well as you can guess i talk alot so ill say bye 4 noww hayls

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      Hi Hayls

      We have never been to oz either so you are not alone - can't comment on how sane we may be though :D

      What a great day to fly - New year, new life! Enjoy your last few months in UK.

      Lisa :lol:

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      hi lisa

      hi lisa, where abouts in adelaide r u hoping to go, we have no idea at all, cameron has been offered work in gawler, but we will have to check out the area first. I would love to be able to walk to the beach.My girls r really not looking forward to going at all, and it worries me, but im sure they will be ok once there,god i hope so.Do you have any children and how far on r u with your visa.[im quite new to this website stuff so please bear with me] hayls.

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      Hi Hayls

      Welcome to PomsinAdelaide.
      Gosh so you're off beginning of 07, good for you. We have just submitted our visa application and are hoping to be out there by late 07, early 08 if all goes well, alot to do between now and then! We have two daughters aged almost 5 and just 9 weeks.
      We went on a reccie to Adelaide in Jul/Aug of 2005. It took us a few days to get used to as we had just come away from friends in Perth, who had shown us the sights and made us feel at home. Adelaide has a very different feel from Perth, in general it feels a little older because of the colonial style buildings, although many of the suburbs have new houses etc.
      Our general instinct was that it would be a great place to live and raise children. The locals are friendly and there is a lovely laid back feeling to life. I would recommend a reccie if you can afford it and have the time, just so you can seriously check out suburbs and schools, it can vary quite a bit. July/Aug tends to be a cheaper time to go out because it is the Aussie winter. If you can't get out there then join the well established AdelaideBrits website where there is heaps of info about suburbs etc.

      Odette :)

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      hi odette, we really dont have time for a reckie , so we will just have to find out when we get there but we do have some friends that went over in sept so they are meeting us at the airport and will help us out a bit i hope as they have friends already there as well. I cant believe how near i am to going it has come around so quick,you think you have loads of time then all of a sudden i dont have enough time.My biggest worry is what if the girls dont like it or dont make friends because at the end of the day if they are not happy then we wont be either, but if i dont do it i will never know!!!.let me know how things go with your application. cheers hayls

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      ste n sasha
      hi :D we have only just found this site! We have 2 daughters aged 13 and 10! We are in the same situation as you, we have never been 2 oz before but we can't wait! We are hoping to be out there by may just waiting for the house to sell! My girls are so excited they can't wait and it would be nice if you could stay in touch and let us know wat its like!
      Good luck and we hope eveything goes well and hope you write back soon! :D

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      Hi Ste n Sasha,
      That would be great, my youngest talks to other children on the kids forum on here, my eldest pretends she is not intrested :(
      How far on with this stressfull job are you then?
      Georgia and charlotte will be able to tell the other children what its like all good i hope, well 4 days till we go, pickfords have been today and i stayed out all day and left cameron to it :lol: :shock: :lol: i did get every thing ready though.
      well good luck with your visa and hope to meet you out there, but in the meantime i will keep you posted how it is!!!!
      speak to you soon

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      ste n sasha
      Hiya Halys thanx for replying!
      Yeh my eldest (paige) has spoke to charlotte!
      We've got our visas and were just waiting to sell the house, but if it doesnt sell we wil be out there by may to activate them!
      How come you used pickfords? did they pack up all of your stuff for you? :D
      do you know what part of Adelaide your going?

      speak to you soon
      :D sasha and gang xxx :D


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