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      Question oh my god, oh my god, oh my god


      We're at the very beginning of this exciting/awesome/scary/stressful/we can't believe it's really happening, process. And the lists of things to check, investigate or do get longer every day - I don't know how anyone actually ever does it!! lol :)

      There are a couple of key questions we'd really appreciate advice on

      1. Is there a periodic publication you would recommend with sound advice and guidance to take you through every step of the process? We've bought a few now which seemed great reading the cover and index listing..but once inside the pages were really more glossy ads and precious little hard facts (unless figures at least 4 years out of date were being 'quoted'). We ended up more confused than we started out!

      2. Visa assistance - we've read conflicting advice about getting an agent to handle the visa application process. We will be migrating with full employer sponsorship, and one school of thought seems to feel we'd be wasting precious $$ on an agent when we could DIY it, with the employers assistance. The other quite the opposite - that its such a can of worms, having an agent is worth every penny (cent?) to navigate through the red tape. We're not trying to be scrooges at all but a few thousand spent if its not really beneficial would be better spent on our new home! what do you guys think? what were your experiences of using agencies?

      We're coming out for three weeks later this year to suss out residential areas, transport and all the ???'s for real, not just over the net - I do believe there's only so much research you can do from a distance (besides which, I'm getting to the stage if I never visit another website again in my life I'll be happy! :p) and nothing beats experiencing a place first hand to get the true feel of it, warts and all.

      Looking forward to reading your replies on these questions - thanks for taking the time :D

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      im still getting my RSMS 119 processed it started in june im going for my medical next week. applied for my police check, i went with VISA SOLUTIONS company to sort all my visa n stuff they are based in OZ and the cost is 300,00 ish lots of money but i no everything will b done properly, u still have yr medical n xray to pay for, mayb there are cheaper company's i dont no.
      good kuck anyway

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      Hi Sue and Gary,We applying for a regional visa (495).we've just finished putting our tra together.its been quite stressful and we've used a agent, who's been brilliant.i surpose it depends on what sort of person you are and how you deal with stress.some people are probably really laid back about it all.we also found that investigating with all the sort of visa's and stuff that the agent usually do can really do your head in.good luck with what you decide.Tracy.

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      hello sue and gary!! and welcome :)

      firstly, this one is THE site so no need for you to get on any other site - saves alot of time alreayd ;)

      then re the whole process: i think the immi site is quite usefull as it is! just lots to read but you can't get around that anyways!
      and as a safe net on here of course! just ask any/every question you can think of .. there is always someone who can answer it!!

      re agent: it's completly up to you in the end. i guess it depends on your situation really and how comfortable you feel with the whole form filling, stressful waiting, scratching your head process

      we started off diy but after 4 weeks of reading and researching i hired an agent.
      agreed we did most of the paperwork and running around ourselves but they did put us in the right direction; gave us lots of templates to work with (tra related); and what sold it to me that they checked it before it all went out! - i just don't want to miss something and have to do it all over again!

      good luck with whatever you decide :)

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      Hello Gary and Sue. Welcome to PIA and to the ride of your life.

      Cause the emotions are going to be high/low and never predictable.

      Saying that tho were all in same boat and PIA is very friendly.

      We used an agent passed TRA (Phew that was hard work, and like has already been said the fact they checked it and said they wouldnt send it off unless they were convinced we would pass was a huge bonus). Also got SA Sponsorship.

      Not onto the waiting game of getting visa.

      Good Luck in whatever you choose. Any questions and shoot away.:)

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      Hi and welcome to PIA

      We used Go Matilda who where absolutely priceless with the skills assesment - I doubt we would have got through TRA without them, double checking everything, providing draft copies of employer references etc - we would still be doing it now i think

      The visa for us seemed relatively easy - we are on the 136 skilled permanent visa, the forms where quite straight forward and we could have quite easily done it without the agent. having said that, it was so nice for them to fill it all in, us check and sign it, and then them lodge it etc. There was no stress involved at all.

      At the end of the day, we are all different and do things completely different ways.
      Sure you'll find the right way for you.:D
      Good luck in your application.;)

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      Hi Gary and Sue and welcome to PIA :D

      We used an agent - Go Matilda which cost us 1500 for SIR495. There were worth their weight in gold and if I done it again knowing what I know now I would still use an agent!!

      I don't know of any publication that keeps things updated as such - used to just use DIAC website for latest visa info and I put together Adelaide Bound which has some info on too while we were migrating.

      Friendly bunch on here and we are all going through or gone through the same thing so any questions just shout :D


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      We used a company based in Hampshire called Migration Matters, www.migrationmatters.com, I could not fault them, what they don't know is not worth knowing,check them out and good luck.


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      Hi Guys,

      We used Concept Australia about 3 years ago now. I remember my husband getting very frustrated at the lack of communication and basically having to do all the leg work himself. They were good for answering questions and pointing you in the right direction but I think in hindsight we could have done it ourselves.

      Good luck
      judi x

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      We used an agent through the Aus 1 company and just got our visa :D- we started the process a year ago and applied for a 136 visa - then length of time was also because I had a baby inbetween - the actual visa was lodged in Nov 2006

      We did a lot of research but even when the visa comes through there is still more to do and lots of decision making in a market where there is a lot to choose from.

      We also brought a lot of books but our local library has been fab and got us loads to read which also helps and is a lot cheaper.

      The site I use most when I get stuck is Adelaide Bound. Or I ave asked the folks on here who have been great too.

      Also sometimes if you get in touch with the government they can send you all sorts of useful info



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